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About Us

Hey there, We are OMNIA- a brand house based in the heart of Trilith, GA where artists thrive. We strive to connect our clients to potential buyers by engaging the culture that makes them unique. In a sea of sameness- we want to set you apart.

Who are we?

 At OMNIA brand house, we are driven by curiosity and creativity, igniting our team members into action so they can discover their true potential. We also extend this philosophy of ambition to all our clients – inspiring them to leave behind notions of “what should be” in favor of something unique that sets them apart. It’s about digging deep until you expose your core culture – then using it as fuel to grow your brand.  Get started on this journey of self-discovery & brand development with our team of experts.    

A few words about Whitney;
Our Founder & CEO is a force-

She pushes us not only to dream big but to execute-

Whitney is a bold visionary who wakes OMNIA Brand House up to the fact that we all have limitless potential.  She encourages all employees to embrace individuality and pursue their dreams with full support from OMNIA.  Her philosophy is each unique-ness is what captures true engagement. When viewing a website or walking through your doors-  A person should feel exactly who you are and what you are about.  Each part has a reason behind it- a story to tell.  Whitney embraces differences and believes they are what makes someone, something, or somewhere- desired. 

Meet Our Team

Here at the heart of our team, you'll find a vibrant melting pot of passion, joy, and creativity. Watch us thrive as we go beyond the mundane- celebrating life with laughter and spontaneous dance moves in between our intense dedication to making our client's dreams a reality. It's undeniable – the essence of our extraordinary culture seeps into the very fibers of our work. And just like savoring a chef's exquisite cuisine, you can taste that passion in everything we do.

Whitney McDannald

Founder & CEO

Julie Parson

Creative Coordinator

Brittany Kleber

Operations & Analytics

Teresa Denton

Customer Experience

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