Do it yourself from the DIY queen: how it all Started

Whitney McDannald? Oh, honey, that’s not just a name; that’s a vibe. A DIY diva with an eye for design that turns heads, Whitney didn’t just sit around waiting for her brand to sparkle. She rolled up her sleeves and said, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

This boss-bitch believes that branding’s got to do more than just flutter its lashes. Building a brand? It’s more than a pretty logo or a cookie-cutter website. And don’t think for a moment that “if you build it, they will come.” Nah, it takes guts, grind, and a strategy that’s more than skin-deep. You want real revenue, actual RESULTS? Whitney’s your girl.

After slaying the game as a freelancer for a year and a half, with methods that are not just proven but positively sizzling, she decided it was time to let others in on the secret sauce. Enter OMNIA BRND HOUSE.

Think of OMNIA as a boutique branding sanctuary that doesn’t just dab a little makeup on your company. We dig deep, specializing in fierce branding strategies, from sultry logo designs to kickass website development, social media marketing that pops, and email campaigns that don’t just ring bells – they bang gongs.

What makes OMNIA the rebel in the room? Strategy, baby. Whitney knows that a drop-dead-gorgeous foundation is just the flirty wink across the bar. To get consumers to swipe right on your brand, you need a living, breathing strategy that dances off the page.

Whitney’s DIY fierceness and no-nonsense focus on strategy are like a branding makeover show where everyone walks away with jaw-dropping transformations. Working with various industries, increasing revenue, growing businesses, and setting startups on the runway to success, she’s your go-to gal for building on a grand scale.

So if you want a brand that doesn’t just whisper sweet nothings but grabs your audience by the collar and makes them listen, get with OMNIA. Whitney and her sassy squad will find what makes your heartbeat, unearth what makes you unique, and craft a killer plan to shout it to the world. We’re all about connecting with that authentic community of followers who don’t just ‘like’ – they LOVE. And honey, they convert.

We’re OMNIA, and we’re here to find your vibe.


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